Library Manager Setup Failed - The installation source for this product is not available


Please help :pray: What do I do?

I would like to install Halion Sonic 3 SE and get this error.


Windows Error code 1612 means, the installer database file (*.msi) is missing from the installer. Try to download the installer again and install it as administrator.

You can also use HALion Sonic SE 7 instead.

Btw, itโ€™s most probably a followup of the unfinished installation, you described here.

I have run it 999 times as an administrator and as not administrator, did an infinite amount of reboots. The installer just crashes, disappears right after the start. Is there any fix for this?

I am talking about Steinberg_Install_Assistant_Installer_win.exe

Does Halion Sonic work without elicener?


Did you run- or did you install as administrator?

The latest version 7 is based on the new Steinberg licensing system. No eLicenser needed.

I tried to run the installer. At first it was throwing the error. I used the MS tool, fixed the broken MSI and now Assistant_Installer just wontโ€™ start at all.