Library Manager showing false differences

Hi. Using Library Manager to check my Font and Paragraph Styles, and it seems to be claiming differences where they don’t exist. An example is shown in the attached screenshot:

You’ll see the Font Style Bar Repeat Count counts as a difference between the current project and my User Library, but the disclosed details seem to be the same. The only difference I can see is that the current project’s Style and Underlined parameters have asterisks where their User Library counterparts don’t, but the values themselves are otherwise the same. Is the “difference” found here just caused by these asterisks? What do the asterisks actually mean? Also, the font Preview does actually look different to me - it seems to me like the User Library preview is displaying as the (Factory Default) Academico font. Not sure what’s going on here, and I don’t discount my own error somewhere along the line - just can’t see where that is at the moment, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

We’ll really need to see the project and your user library to say for sure what’s happening here. There will be a difference between the font and paragraph styles, but perhaps that difference isn’t being adequately captured by the information that’s displayed in the Library Manager. It could be, say, the inheritance of particular properties from the parent style, or something along those lines.

Thanks @dspreadbury. Sorry for my tardy response - I’ve been away from my work for a few weeks. I’ve attached my project and user library as you suggested. (I took the user library from ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5/userlibrary.xml - I hope that’s the right one)

For context, I’d made a start on creating my user library, then went on to do some projects during which I made tweaks and changes as usual. But I didn’t always remember to add things to the user library as I went along. So what I’m trying to achieve now is to identify any of those changes that I do want to add to the user library. I was simply surprised to see so many differences show up in the Library Manager, especially since many of them (e.g. Bar Repeat Count) I have no memory of ever looking at. I hadn’t considered that a change to a parent style would show up like this in all inherited styles - that makes more sense. However, in this case the parent style itself (Default Text Font) isn’t flagged as a difference in the Library Manager, so I’m still a bit flummoxed. (Of course, I understand there are probably other underlying things that cause the difference which aren’t captured in the info showed here.)

Also thinking about it since, I remember I had started this project from a previous version of the same piece, which I’d originally made in a much earlier version of Dorico (at least v4, possibly v3.5). So I think that might contribute to the sheer number of differences. What I might do is make a copy of the current project and transfer all the User Library differences, then do a visual scan between the two projects’ output to see how the differences apply in the wild.

I’d still like to know, if possible, what the asterisks signify in the Library Manager style comparisons. And am still a bit mystified by why the preview in my screenshot seems to display a different font to what’s given in the details.

Thanks again for your help.

Riversong - Recording Version copy.dorico (1.5 MB)

userlibrary.xml (8.2 KB)