Library Manager?

this Library Manager need serious update.
first of all,the libraries you want to move you select with an “X”, at first I thought that X means the libraries to exclude form moving, because usually a check mark means a selection and an “X” means to exclude or delete etc…
second, the moved libraries just get copied into the main folder that you selected, it doesn’t create sub-folder like in the original installation" pad-shop, halion one etc…
but the worst of all, after moving the content Cubase asks you to locate each every single file. it would be logical if using library manager it would update cubase where the new content is.
so this library manager makes it no different then just copying all the files manually.

Cubase didn’t ask me to locate the files when I moved them

what do I now ? I’m pointing it to the new folder but this file is not there apparently.
where can I download this missing file ?
there is no “reverence” in the steinberg download assistant

and there’s more:

none of them are in the new folder.

so what’s the purpose of this library manager when it doesn’t work properly ?

please someone help what to do

had to go locate each vstsound file one by one

Re-installed cubase 10.5 using download manager. But reverence content is still missing.

I have these Reverence Impulse files missing too, very frustrating. I was having some issues with content so I did full downloads and installs of everything, it fixed all my other issues but introduced this one. They aren’t on my system anywhere and I can’t find them anywhere on the internet to download (to be expected I suppose).

Get very bored of telling them to ignore all the time, I don’t want to remove the warnings because then I’ll forget it needs sorting.