Licence is not valid anymore?

Today I encountered the Groove agent doesnt work anymore. It looks very strange, I Have licence included in Abslotute 5 bundle, Halion 6 works fine, but Groove agent stopped working today, when I start it, it starts normally, but in few seconds the blocker appears. The same is true for Grove Agent SE too, I have no idea, what to do with it. any advice?

Please update the Steinberg Activation Manager to the latest version (1.4.11). It should be automatically installed when you run the Steinberg Download Assistant, and it can also be downloaded from Steinberg’s site.

I am having the same problem. none of my steinberg vsts Retrologue. PadShop, Groove Agent 5 SE, now work after upgrading to ver 12 from 11. I run latest activation manager. Says the same as above.

Please make sure that you have the latest versions of all bundled plug-ins installed. They have all been updated.

“No valid license detected for Groove Agent” after upgrade from Absolute 3 to 5
Reinstalling Groove Agent didn’t fix the problem

A new license hadn’t ruined my old ones never before

Steinberg Activation Manager:
Steinberg Library Manager:
eLicenser -
Cubase 10.0.60 Build 396

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Please make sure that you have the latest version of Groove Agent 5 installed. It’s currently version 5.1.11.

The Absolute 5 category in the Steinberg Download Assistant lists all of the latest versions of the included plug-ins.

Thanks for your reply, @Romantique_Tp

I installed GA5.1.11 - the problem still persist - my tracks with GA4 are not accessible

Here’s the full story after upgdading my license from Abolute 3 to 5:

  1. “No valid license” error for GA4 > my tracks with GA4 are not accessible;
  2. Installed GA5.1.11 > my tracks with GA4 are still not accessible;
  3. Reinstalled GA4 again > it even doesn’t appear in The Plugin Manager;
  4. Removed GA5 > now GA4 appears, but ‘edit instrument’ on tracks is still unavailable because of the initial problem “No valid license”

Seems I’ll need a separate license for GA4 in order to continue my work?

Please, help! I’ve lost tones of hours fighting this…

Sumarize: It seems that after updating the dongle I just don’t have un option to use my currently installed VSTs and content libraries
This is rediculous. I have 2 PCs only in order to have a backup plan if something goes wrong but now I can’t work on non of both.
I can’t downgrade my dongle - tryed everything - reactivating old codes in order to apply all the upgrades afterwards, but my case is very complicated : I’ve started with HS2 > HS5 > HS6 > crossgrading to ABS3 > ABS 5
So I don’t have on what to appply my ABS3 license anymore, cause I don’t have HS6 license - it is also a part of some upgrade during the years

And finally : I don’t even have a support - for Bulgaria we don’t have un option to request a support ticket. I called the local dealer and he said to ask here in the forum, cause he is only a hardware dealer

Please, anyone, tell me who to tag here in order to get support
Or maybe just to ask for refund and to hope this will еnd this whole story

Please run the eLicenser Control Center and click the Maintenance button to the top right. Do so for both of your computers.

Can you take a screenshot of this error?

Groove Agent 5 is supposed to completely replace GA4. What do you mean by the tracks not being accessible, exactly? Are you sure those tracks were made with GA4 and not Groove Agent SE 4? You would have to install GA SE 5 for them to be replaced correctly in that case.

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Hey again :slight_smile:
so here is in short: I need my projects to work like before purchasing the upgrade and without reinstalling everything (example: I’m in the mountine and I don’t have possibilities to download 50 gigs of content)

Never before it was a problem to use an older version of Cubase or any VST with the newest license on my dongle

I am doing the Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center everytime I open it
The screenshots are attached, Later I’ll provide a screenshot what i mean by “not accessible”
Groove Agent problem After Upgrade to Absolute 5 - 2
Groove Agent problem After Upgrade to Absolute 5 - 3


Try closing Cubase and then temporarily signing-out from the Steinberg Activation Manager. See if that makes a difference.

If that doesn’t help, you’ll probably have to download the latest Groove Agent 5 content from the Steinberg Download Assistant. The included libraries were all updated to support the new Instrument Browser, which allows you to easily replace instruments from a single pad.

Once you have downloaded the content, please uninstall GA4 and the old content from Windows before installing the updated content. This will help prevent possible conflicts.

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