Licence issue

I recently started getting a licensing error message while starting up Cubase 7.5.20.

While I can workaround it by hitting the cancel button on both occasions, it can be a pain in the bum when I load up Cubase with some inspiration in my head only to have to click the button a couple of times or when I forget to hit it and come back to the screen and Cubase still hasn’t loaded because of it.

As far as I can tell, I think it’s related to an expired trial version of the IC Pro software, which I have already uninstalled. Does anyone have a fix for this annoyance, or will I have to live with it until I reinstall Cubase?

Cubase eLicenser Issue.jpg

Have you tried launching eLicenser Control Center?
It should give instructions on how to fix this.


Yup, that was the first thing I did. Never repairs it.

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that!

There’s one more thing you can try:
eLCC’s “Repair Soft-eLicenser” action (to be found in eLCC’s “Actions” menu).

If this fails as well, you might need to contact the support department, in order to get a “Soft-eLicenser repair permission”. The will need to tell them your Soft-eLicenser’s serial number (can be copy/pasted using eLCC’s “Register” menu).


I know for a fact it’s the Wireless IC software as I don’t have any other soft licenses on my PC from Steinberg. All my Steinberg licenses are hardware based, ie on my dongle, so it’s nothing to do with my eLicenser hardware.

Cubase seems to be trying to load the plugin for talking to the IC Pro thing, but I uninstalled that ages ago because it was rubbish over Android, just far too laggy to be of any real use.

Then I’d recommend to

  1. launch eLCC to verify that the Soft-eLicenser installed on your system does indeed contain no important licenses,
  2. quit eLCC, then delete the Soft-eLicenser from your system (it’s located at “%PROGRAMDATA%\Syncrosoft\SeLicenser.sel”).

Thank you so much, that was it, no more annoying pop up things when I load up Cubase!!!

It was not a big issue, but over time all those seconds add up you know what I mean?

Again, thank you very much, [virtual hug] :slight_smile: