Licenceing Question Legacy / No longer included.

Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but wanting to clarify some points.

I currently own Cubase 8.5 pro, and WaveLab Elements 9.
As I understand it my licence for these products allows me to run older editions of them. Is this true?

Am I allowed to collect legacy / no longer included VST FX and instruments from older versions to use in the latest versions?

I am then allowed to use wave lab fx (Including legacy / No longer included) in Cubase and vice versa? (I am aware that some will not run / cause issues )

Just want to check that doing so is not in violation of any term and conditions of my licence.



Yes, you can run previous versions, but I don’t recommend using these old plugins in current versions. They were for the most part removed for a reason: They either cause issues in current versions of the DAWs or they have been replaced with a superior plugin.

That’s cool, I don’t expect them all to work perfectly, Just one or two bits have been lost that I like, such as the Vocoder, Toxic, Sub Bass, Midi Comb, Test Tone Generator Which Have no current replacement. I also like the old school sound of some of the old re-verbs too. Just wanted to make sure I was not in breach of my licence by moving them forwards!