Licencing error each time I open Cubase element Al 10.5

Hello there,
I have bought a Steinberg UR22C with Cubase and I have a “E Licncer error control” with Cubase each time I open It.

If I cancel each message I have, Cubase finally open

How to get rid of this error message?


First you should start the Download Assistant and see if it will update the eLicenser Control Center (this check is done each time the Download Assistant is started).

Then open the eLicenser Control Center and run the maintenance, to see if that fixes the problem.

Thank you ,

I have downloaded the Downoad assistant which have updated different things

Then I have run the maintenance but I still have the error messages:
Here is he message:

*L’application ‘Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip VST 3’ a causé l’erreur suivante: *

Les sticks anti-copie ne contiennent aucune licence valide.

*Options: *

    • Pour obtenir de l’aide, cliquez sur . *
    • cliquez sur pour afficher toutes les licences.*
    • introduire le stick anti-copie et <Réessayer>. *
    • Pour annuler, cliquez sur *

I hope my translation is correct, my French is pretty rudimentary.

The error message complains about a missing license for the instrument “Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip”. As far as I know this instrument is part of a software package for interfaces like Ur22 or UR44.

So you either need to register the license for this software or delete the instrument in the Library Manager.

Thanks , This seems to be an error during the installation.
I have the 10.5 version and I believe I can get the 12 version
I am going to try to install to 12 version

I will create a topic about the reverb I can’t get rif of if this problem goes on with the 12 version