License activation problem

I have purchased and downloaded the CUBASE 9.5 Artist upgrade from CUBASE 6) I can run the CUBASE 9.5 but not activate or register it and it now has me locked into the trial period where I have only 16 more hours left to use it.(both on the upgrade AND on the 6.) So basically I paid over $600 for something I can use for two days!
So when I try to activate the CUBASE 9.5 upgrade on the registration page I get this error code.
Activation Code not found. Make sure that the code has been entered in the eLicenser Control Center.(for the upgrade)

When I try to inter the upgrade activation code on the eLic I get this error code.(when I am LOOKING at it on the eLic)
Currently there is no license available to be upgraded by your upgrade license. Please connect a USB eLic which holds an appropriate upgradeable lic to your computer
The CUBASE 6 and eLIc ARE registered at Steinberg webpage. I have performed maintenance tasks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both CUBASE and the eLIc. I have cleaned up eLIc Memory and updated Database and resent eLic information. I have reloaded everything with all virus scanners and firewalls off.

I can not even reactivate the CUBASE or the UPGRADE as both(6/9.5) of the activation codes say activation codes not found.

It appears you have a mismatch between versions. for example, you have Cubase 6, and bought the update to Cubase Artist. There would be no update such as the one above. There’s Cubase 6 to Cubase Pro, or Cubase Artist to Cubase Artist.

SRY maybe that wasn’t clear? Is there a plain CUBASE? I thought it is Pro, Artist, and Elements//and LE? I purchased CUBASE 6 Artist(retail) from Musiciansfriend in original, unopened, packaging with unused activation code(full license). I have used it for several years. I recently purchased CUBASE 9.5 Artist from receiving the activation code by email. After I downloaded it I was unable to activate in on the elic and it locked me into the “trial version” where I have only 9 hours left on the trial. I have pored thru all the forums and help links. I have done COMPLETE uninstalls as per the guidance here of both CUBASE and the eLic. I deactivated all firewalls and antivirus and reinstalled Cubase 6 Artist(from disk) and the latest version of the eLic.(and am still locked into trial version) I then ran maintenance from the eLic. The CUBASE 6 Artist and USB(dongle) and soft lic are registered. I then redownloaded the 9.5 Artist from the Download Assistant (it is also locked into the trial version with 9 hours left) The eLIc says there are no upgradeable licenses when I am LOOKING at it on the eLIcenser(full license) and I can’t activate or reactivate EITHER 6 or 9.5 as the .net says activation code not found, eLic, or soft eLicenser. I am looking at them on the eLIc and can see they are registered at!!! HELP!!! I am afraid to use it as I will have lost/be locked out of my work in a few hours.

Call support. Thats the only way to get quick help.

Your issue is clearly only on the elic and activation code. No need to download and install reinstall cubase.
What will happen when the trial period is over, is that your cubase 6 artist will work as it always have done.
So dont freak out.

Must be something wrong with aut code you are given. Just try and call support tomorrow in their opening houres.
It is much better to talk direct with some one from support.

And if I understand you correctly.

You have artis 6, got artist 9.5 upgrade, wich aut code dose not work?

Edit: I miss read and mixed op with your post. So had to edit my reply.

The upgrade you should have bought is “Update from Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8

If you picked any other thing, it’s not going to work and you’ll have to ask for a refund on the upgrade.

Not sure how to post screen shots here yet or pics but YES I ordered and have the receipt form for Cubase Artist “Update from Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8”.

But you said you had Cubase 6 in the OP, not Cubase Artist…

Trying so hard now not to think you are implying that I don’t know how to read the CUBASE 6 Artist box in my hand or that I am too stupid to know that I either need to purchase something different for an upgrade for Pro or Artist. I have very limited use for PRO because I record live/ live venues. (READ maximum 3 vocals, 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 keyboard, and 1(2max)percussion)

“For Cubase 6, Cubase is still Cubase, but Cubase Studio has been given a new dionym and is now known as Cubase Artist. A full list of differences between Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 is provided on Steinberg’s web site, but there are some significant limitations involving the number of tracks and the availability of certain features. For example, Artist offers 64 audio tracks, 128 MIDI tracks, and 32 instrument tracks, all of which are unlimited in Cubase. Certain plug‑ins are not included with Artist, such as the Reverence convolution reverb, but users will get the new VST Amp Rack, Halion Sonic SE, and Loopmash 2 plug‑ins, which is especially good, since the original Loopmash wasn’t offered with Cubase Studio 5. But particularly germane to this review is that Artist users don’t get Expression Maps, Note Expresson and related features, nor do they get the extended audio quantise features, and only a basic version of the Score editor is included.
Cubase Essential remains at version 5 at the time of writing.”

I still can’t activate or reactivate the license for what I paid for either on the USB(dongle) or the new activation code for Cubase Artist 9.5 on the .net. For the sake of arguement I would be willing to purchase Cubase PRO 9.5 for another 300$ to see if it would actually work to upgrade my Artist 6 but by then I will have put more money into this than BUYING a whole new copy or saying F%^& this and switching back to Protools. (which actually uses AAC) and might make my life easier.

I simply repeated what you said in your OP (original post) in an effort to clarify, and was trying to help. I’ll bow out here. Best of luck.

I would recommend contacting support through your MySteinberg as soon as possible. I think only they will be able to figure out what’s going on.

You can use the proper trial version while you wait for a response.

!!!PLEASE!!! don’t bow out !!!PLEASE!!! I really, really, need help. In desperation I also have a copy of Cubase LE 6 that I tried to load… same problem I can’t activate or reactivate or download the lic to the eLic(dongle) and that is now even locked into the trial period.(of the original Cubase 6 Artist)

That’s not a trial period, all eLicensers included with Steinberg software have a 24 hour emergency license in case something goes wrong. Make sure that you have the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center installed.

It’s possible that you’re using a very old eLicenser that’s dying.

Steve is not part of the support team, he doesn’t work for Steinberg. Again, please contact support if you haven’t done that already.

Do what Romantique Tp suggests, or upload a screenshot of your elicencer so we can see what licenses are in it. Your posts are confusing, and contain conflicting info.

Resolved: I almost feel bad, it is/was a Steinberg quality control issue. I purchased ARTIST 6(still have the receipt/purchased new unopened from Musiciansfriend) The box is labeled Artist 6, the insert is also labeled ARTIST(with the download code), along with the CD// but the code is for the full unrestricted CUBASE 6??? I went ahead and spent the extra 25$ to get the 9.5 PRO upgrade. It has to make you wonder how many other people got the full version basically for the price of the lower version?

Thank all of you for your replies and assistance.