License Activation Problem

Hi guys,
My music PC is NOT connected to the internet. So, when I update my Waves plug-ins etc I transfer my licenses from my laptop to a USB stick and install on the music PC and do the necessary.

However, this is the first time I have updated Cubase 7 and didn’t give it a second thought until now! So, I downloaded the 7.0.6 update, copied to my music PC and ran the installer. Followed along and entered my Activation Code correctly only to find that the error message reads

License Activation Failed as a connection to the internet could not be established. :blush:

What do I need to do now to get up and running with my new update?

Thanks for reading.

Sorry guys I have just found an article for activation without internet connection - Doh! I will read now…

i had the same problem during installation and like yourself my machine was stand alone although i access the internet
on a different machine. I initially installed WIN 8 but experienced problems with Windows requiring activation. I installed Win 7 and was able to instal Cubase without internet activation ie simply installing from DVD and typing in my licence number. However it was a “grace period” installation and gave me only 16 hours usage before it would become inactive. As this was around christmas time and i knew support staff would be on holiday, i bit the bullet and connected the machine briefly on the net and eventually (after several attempts) managed to get everything fully activated and running. It would have been nice to have been able to instal from DVD and activate off-line but it was,nt to be. I think theres a way of doing it with another machine attached to the internet but i decided to make the connection as brief as possible.

hope this helps.

Thanks yorlum62.
I wanted to upgrade to the latest version as I’m experiencing Firewire problems. I noticed that the update had audio updates and was hoping that it might help but alas, no.
However, once I read the instructions on the web page a few time I got the gist and tried it and it worked.

This is what I did:
you need a computer (laptop in my case) that is internet connected and your (offline) Music PC
My Music PC has the updated installed on it but cannot launch because it has not been activated. I think it is considered a new installation rather than an update.

  1. Download the latest eLicense installer for PC at on the laptop
  2. Install the eLicense installer
  3. Remove the USB eLicenser dongle from the offline Music PC and insert it into the laptop
  4. You should see the dongle appear in the left-hand pane
  5. Perform Maintenance - which contacts the Steinberg server - (this transfers the license or whatever)
  6. Enter the activation code - (I got an error to say that the code has already been used contact support). So, this step may not be required but I thought I would mention it as I did it.
  7. Exit the installer and remove the dongle and place it back in the Music PC
  8. Launch Cubase 7 and note the Build date.

All seems to be working! :slight_smile:

So I am now better prepared for make updates to my offline system. ♫♪♫