License Activation Problems - C7.5 Edu - C8 Artist


eLicenser will list C7.5 Educational, though after entering my C8 upgrade code elicenser reports “no licenses are listed”, “Currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade licence”. The three hours or so given to activate is about up, so I imagine I will not be able to open C8.

I have been using C7.5 (registered) for months without issue.

Any ideas gratefully received.

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If you were running the full version of Cubase 7.5 educational (that’s the same as the full version of Cubase)… I don’t believe there is an ‘upgrade’ path to Cubase 8 Artist from Cubase 7.5, it is a considered a different program and I believe you would have to purchase the full version of C8 Artist if that is what you want (or upgrade to the full version of C8).

Hopefully one of the moderators will jump in with the definitive answer.

I believe the educational versions are able to be upgraded exactly the same as non-educational versions. This sounds MORE like a problem of not having the correct update. For example, are you SURE the update you bought is for Cubase 7.5 (and not C7.0)? What EXACTLY does the license on your dongle say and what EXACT update did you buy?

On the 05/12/2014 I bought: -

Cubase Artist 8 Update from Cubase Artist 7.5

Here is the Steinberg purchase page link: -

My USB eLicenser lists: Cubase 7.5 Educational (Activated 24/01/2014)

Thanks for reflecting on this issue.

It looks like you bought an update for the Artist Version and you actually own the full version (i.e. not Artist or Elements…)
That makes sense because I don’t believe the Artist or Elements versions are available at educational prices.
It seems that you need to buy Update to Cubase 8 from Cubase 7.5.
Contact Asknet Support and let them know you bought the wrong update.


Thanks Jaslan.

Clearly, I had no idea that the Artist version was anything more than a marketing tag.

Thank you for the Asknet suggestion.