License and Registration issues when upgrading Hardware and Software

I am having a heck of a time with my license and registration for Dorico 5. I upgraded to a Mac mini from a MacBook Pro (2014). When I Installed my upgrade to Dorico 5 on my new machine, it was not able to locate my original license. I have been unable to register and activate. Everything is installed, but my license doesn’t show up in the license manager for me to activate…
Help Please!

Welcome to the forum, Michael. I’ve had a look at your account, and you have an expired Dorico Pro 5 license in there. The reason it’s expired is that it looks like you didn’t successfully complete the update process from your existing Dorico Pro 3.5 license.

Do you still have access to the computer on which you had your Dorico 3.5 license installed? Or, if you used the USB-eLicenser to hold your Dorico 3.5 license, do you still have access to that USB-eLicenser?

Yes, I have access to the old computer

Fantastic. Then the first step is to register the eLicenser where your Dorico Pro 3.5 license is located:

Once you’ve done this, let me know, and we’ll figure out the next step.