License checking taking many resources -- related to East West opus VST?

Hi everybody.
I have last version of East West opus.
When I open it independently of Cubase 12, it takes approximately 10% of CPU load.
When I use it under cubase with the vst version (tried both vst 3 and vst), the CPU load reaches 35 %.
If I load 2 opus VST, the cpu load reaches 70%… For 3-4-5 … instances it stays between 70 and 80% of cpu load.
No instruments are loaded in opus at all. It is just the fact of starting the VST.
When I close the vst, the cpu load remains high like if something was running in background in cubase.

I tried also to activate and deactivate multithreading options… but it has no effect.
Does anyone has/had such kind of issue?

Thanks for your support


Hi everybody.


This topic is linked to a previous one about issues of cpu load.
East West opus VST takes a lot of CPU load

To summarize, as soon as I start an Opus VST, CPU load reaches 40% of CPU load.

I just noticed that licence manager is taking ressources without freeing them:

I looks like the elicencer goes in an infinite loop.

Can anyone help me on this issue?


Isn’t it Opus checking the license (iLok) in fact?

to add to @Martin.Jirsak’s comment, that process is not the elicenser.

I have no idea… I do not have any problem of this kind when I start opus in standalone mode.

Hopefully you have also asked East West about this too.

Hi - I had the same problem, which didn’t get resolved despite a number of interactions with Eastwest technical support (who were pretty responsive, to be fair). Then I discovered there was a later version of Opus Player available (1.3.9 compared to my 1.3.5), and magically the problem completely went away. I couldn’t find any release notes to give a clue why, I suspect a background process had gone into some form of inifite loop for some reason

I noticed exactly the same thing.
I contacted EW and after several updates, the issue seems to be resolved…