License / dongle query...

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question regarding my Cubase 8.5 License/Dongle.

When I first installed Cubase I opted to use the dongle as I had two machines: a mac at my studio, and a laptop. Now though, the mac has gone. And I just use my laptop, taking it from home to my studio across town. Thing is, I’m always forgetting the dongle. I’ll leave the studio thinking I’ll work on some music at home over the weekend and lo & behold - the dongle is plugged into the studio keyboard…

So, can I revert back to a single machine license so I don’t need the dongle plugged in all the time? I’m guessing I might run into ownership problems as I gave the mac to a girlfriend who is now an ex girlfriend. Not that she even knows what Cubase is… but it’s installed on that machine.

Any other solutions? Would updating to 9/9.5 offer a workaround perhaps?


This is currently not possible, but this will change in the future.