License Engine is not Responding

Is anyone else experiencing this Licensing problem rather frequently lately?

The news page (backdrop) denotes that there is nothing wrong with my internet connection

I’ve had that occur to me just once, and yes, my internet connection was active.

It’s a bit unusual, but it means something in the current OS state is corrupt enough that the only way to fix it is to reboot.

As has been said ad infinitum, it’s not not trying to connect to the internet., this error message refers to the background app Steinberg Licensing Engine.

While I haven’t a solution, you should at least verify you have the current version of the SAM, simply launch the Download Assistant and it will check that for you.

You can also kill the above mentioned process, but rebooting is pretty fast these days (if your OS is on an ssd.)

Not everyone lives on this forum Steve

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Point taken.

This might be useful, in any case:

How often will I need to connect to the internet? Do I need to be connected all the time?

Your computer only needs to be connected to the internet in order to sign in with your Steinberg ID and to obtain the initial activation. Thereafter your computer can remain disconnected from the internet, and your software will continue its normal operation. Running your Steinberg software does not require a constant internet connection.