License error after upgrade to windows 10


I just upgraded from win7 pro 64 bit to Windows 10 yesterday and now i’m getting the following pop-up each time I startup cubase 8 pro.

I already tried removing and installing the latest elicenser software but to no avail.

Is this a known problem ?



Is your USB-eLicenser connected to the USB 2.0, not USB 3 port, please?

here is the solution that worked for me:

star the licensing center as admin (rightclick).
start repair/maintanance

should work

I’ve tried connecting to an usb2 and an usb3 port but I get the same result unfortunately.

I also tried running the elicense manager as administrator and performing the maintenance task but it does not remove the problem.

I also tried re-installing elicenser and running the install program as administrator but it still doesn’t get rid of my problem.

Any other suggestions apart from reverting back to Windows 7?



I too have upgraded my DAW PC to Windows 10.
Like the O/P I have tried all the suggestions many times. Additionally I have tried cleaning up my USB controllers devices in Device Manager among other things. I still persist in getting various error messages. It even opens as Cubase 8 Elements sometimes even though I have Cubase 8 Pro.
Before the upgrade I have been able to operate my elicenser from any port USB 2 or 3 on my DAW and other PCs.
My elicenser will now only work in one USB port (a USB 3 port on the motherboard).For convenience I connect it via a USB extension cable.
Windows 10 has broken a few mostly trivial things on my DAW. Most have been put right except this elicenser problem.



I hit this problem, downloaded the latest eLicenser drivers/software, installed and did the above.

Worked for me.

Yeah it seems to work for some, but not for all. Unfortunately it didn’t work on my system which was upgraded from a pretty clean and recent win 7 x64 install. Annoying …

What I noticed is that I only get the popup twice on first startup of cubase after a system reboot, I can click on ‘Ok’ and cubase seems to work after that. If I then close cubase and re-start it I don’t get the popup anymore until after a system reboot. Weird and kind of worrying. Hopefully it will be solved soon.


Hi Guys,

USB eLicencer issues resolution.

May I suggest ensuring in Windows 10 that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is installed otherwise there will be installation issues?

Hope this helps.


What seems to have solved it for me is buying a new eLicenser and transferring all licenses to the new eLicenser.
The other eLicenser was pretty old already, perhaps it was about to fail or something …


Maarten, I have exactly the same problem after building a new pc with windows 10. Cubase Pro 8.5 sometimes starts as Cubase artist, and sometimes not at all with an error, saying “USBDeviceOS_Finish expected but received:”.
I have an old Steinberg key (6.5 cm long), but I´ve ordered a new key. This is driving me nuts

Does everything still works as it should after you switched the key?

EDIT: I just got the new usb key, and moved my licenses from my old key. Problem solved!

Same issue than you ! i’m ordering a new key too, hoping it will solve the problem !

and… have you been successful?

Do not re-install Cubase to Windows 10. Numerous tries to Upgrade Windows 10 caused Cubase to fail. I tried to reinstall Cubase Artist 9 and that was even a greater mistake. Revert back to your previous Windows 7 or 8.1 before 10 days after upgrade. If you tried to reinstall Cubase it still won’t work even if the eLicenser program is corrected.
If you did attempt a new install like I did, first restore to your previous Windows OS ASAP. Then attempt an uninstall of Cubase. Several Items are under Steinberg Cubase in the “Programs and Features” located in the Control Panel. Uninstall each one separately all 25 programs. Several will not uninstall. Go to REGEDIT and search for all Steinberg entries referring to the Cubase products, example: Steinberg HALion Sonic SE 64Bit, Steinberg Padshop 64bit, and Steinberg Groove Agent SE 64 (about 6 entries). Delete entire folders containing Steinberg Cubase products only, then run a registry cleaner. Now you can reinstall the complete program found in your account downloads with Steinberg. Reinstall eLicenser and run the maintenance sync.
This restored my Cubase to it’s full functional state. You will need to re-enter the Activation Codes for HALion, Wavelab, and the other licensed plug-ins as you did on the original install.
Best advice is “DON’T UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10”. And if you do, don’t attempt a reinstall in Windows 10 to fix the problem. It will save you a major headache.