License Error from old Cubase 5 Install in AI6

Hello Folks:

[Win7 x64, Cubase x64]

I am a Cubase 6 owner and I recently set up one of my old DAW workstations for my 9 year old son with Cubase AI6 (which I had a license for because I own several CMC controllers.

Everything is working perfectly except I get an error every time I start Cubase or open a template that says:

Cubase AI6
License Error:
No Valid License Found For:
Reverence Music


Halion Sonic SE
License Error:
No Valid License Found For:
Reverence Music

Of course I understand that Reverence isn’t included in AI6, but I simply can’t figure out where it is to uninstall it. I checked the following paths:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugIns
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2\

(The bottom 2 of which are the only two paths listed in my VST2.x Plug-in Paths in Cubase AI6. And I don’t see Reverence listed in my plugins list in the Plugin Information dialog or when I look at my plugins to add an insert and send.

It’s not a big deal, because it’s not blocking, but my son will find it annoying…

Lights: Do you have your “DONGLE” plugged into a USB port
while opening A1 6?
And is Cubase 6 and A1 6 on the same computer
or two different computers? :question:

I still have Cubase Le4 and Cubase 6
on my Computer and the Dongle seems to
take care of both.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

No I should have said that. My dongle is on my new DAW with Cubase 6.

I ‘recycled’ my old DAW for my talented young 9 year old and activated Cubase AI6 using the soft-licenser.

He has his own setup now with an M-Audio Oxygen and Fast Track Ultra and my old Q6600.

But I didn’t reformat the drive so that PC still has the Cubase 5 (full) on the disk but has no dongle to run it.

The only issue is the error. So if I could get rid of reverence, I’d be all set.

Have you tried your DONGLE on your sons computer :question:
My guess is Cubase 5 on your son’s computer could be the problem with A1 6 working
properly without a DONGLE. Just a guess :bulb:

Have you got an email address for STEINBERG :question:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am absolutely certain that if I plug in my dongle with all of my licenses into my son’s computer it will work swimmingly and I will get no error stating that a license is missing. And I am absolutely certain that it’s something from the Cubase 5 install that is causing the license error, since Reverence is included with Cubase 5 but not AI6. So I’m certain you’re right on both counts.

But what I don’t get is… where’s the Reverence VST3 or VST2 DLL that’s being loaded? It’s not in any of the locations I’m looking for it in… If i can find it… I can just delete it and the error will go away.

My goal is not to give my son Reverence, but to make Cubase boot or projects load without an error.

Well… I thought it would be risky to remove Cubase 5 altogether which is why I was asking for a targeted solutiom, but I got impatient and just went ahead and uninstalled C5 and AI6 still works perfectly… but without the error. So problem solved.

Lights: Cool :sunglasses: but

IMO—I would have used Cubase 5 over A1 6
and just bought another Dongle for Cubase 5.
I’ve read about people buying extra Dongles from Steinberg for two or more computers
on these forums. Just an Idea. :bulb: I don’t think there very expensive.

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Well my license is for Cubase 6 (soon to be Cubase 6.5 when I get the time to upgrade).

But if a person could buy the full version of Cubase 5, 6, or 6.5 and then get multiple dongles authorized for the price of the dongle, wouldn’t that be… a huge loop hole?

If you can point me to any threads where people can buy one single copy of Cubase and then get the license on 2 or more dongles, please let me know. I can easily install the full version on my son’s computer, but given how powerful even AI6 is (and the fact that I have several free AI licenses due to my Steinberg Hardware purchases for use in my studio), I wouldn’t spend another $400 for a full license of C6 for him. And I was certain that one purchase = one license = one dongle. I would be very happy to be proven wrong :slight_smile:

There are threads from people who think you simply need to buy another dongle. Those people just don´t seem to understand, how the dongle thing works…