license error messages continue to show after uninstall

Hi Everyone,

Anyone know how to make the pop-up license error messages stop displaying on application launch?
Cubase HALion Sonic Errors.png
Back storyS
I installed the trial version of Sequel 3 in July 2016 and I uninstalled it and all of its components. However, in Cubase AI 8 on launch it continues to display this error message.

System Specs & Actions
I am running Windows 10. I have searched in Program & Features and the only HaLion related programs are for HALion SE which comes with AI. I did a manual search in the program folders and user folder and could not locate HALion Sonic, so I do not know what content the application is referencing.
Cubase - HALion - programs - uninstall folder.png
Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

Perhaps you installed a HALion Sonic trial and it came with some trial content?
HALion Sonic is not the same as HALion Sonic SE.

I did not install the HALion Sonic trail. Any support people moderating this forum can let me know how to make this go away?