License for old version

I saw a thread from another user asking about getting a license key for Dorico SE 3.5 because their computer couldn’t run 4.0. I’m in the same boat – 4.0 doesn’t work on my computer at all. Can I ask for a SE 3.5 activation code, please? Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, Adam. I’ll send you the activation code you need via private message.

I got the activation code. Many thanks!

my studio runs on win7
Ive downloaded an old Dorico 1.2 version and woul purchase a key for that but where?
kind regards

You can run a later version of Dorico than Dorico 1.2 on Windows 7. I believe you should be able to run Dorico 4 on Windows 7, provided you have all of the necessary updates from Microsoft. If you get a Dorico 5 trial from our web site, that license will allow you to run Dorico 4, and you can download Dorico 4 using Steinberg Download Assistant.