License for upgrade from Cubase 10 pro to 10.5 pro

I need to buy the license for upgrade from Cubase 10 pro to 10.5 pro.
I can not find anywhere and I have already bought the new upgrade to Cubase 11.

Can you help me with that please?
Anyone have a link?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You cannot buy Cubase 10.5 at this moment. Only Cubase 11 are available. More, you will get Cubase 12 license, once Cubase 12 will release.

But with Cubase 11 (or 12) license, you can start Cubase 10.5 too. So no worries, just go for the update to Cubase 11.


Thank you for your answer.

I now have the license for version 11, but I can not upgrade from version 10 with elicenser …

When I tried to upgrade through elicenser it tells me that it is impossible to upgrade and from what I understand it is that I am missing a 10.5 license.

If you bought this update

the best thing to do is to contact the support of the web shop and try to undo the purchase or replace it with the appropriate update.


UD1 is an update from Cubase 10.5. You both a wrong update. You need an update from Cubase Pro 10.

Please get in touch with AskNet, which operated the Steinberg online shop and return the license. Buy the correct one in the mean time.