License issue Nuendo 10

I am a student sound design and am currently having some issues with the activation of my nuendo license but I am not sure what could be causing this issue.
I started out with a trial license but this would not work so I tried reinstalling everything but then I got an error saying that a license of the same type was already stored in the eLicenser. This didn’t work so when I received a bought license for Nuendo I tried using this but upon installing and trying to activate my license period I get an error saying “An error has occured which prevented the operation from succeeding”.

I tried most things like reinstalling, connecting to a different wifi, updating my eLicenser software,etc… but nothing seems to work.

My operating system is windows 10.

License has nothing to do with istallation…
you can install the software on any computer but need the license to use it

to activate a license you need to register it to your Steinberg account
and then to sync between your Steinberg account and your eLicenser

Yes but its the license activation that isn’t working, whenever I try to start my trial period I get the same error message.

did you have an USB Licenser?

Dear st10ss,

He has a USB-dongle indeed, and as far as I know he registered properly.
The problem occurs when we try to enter the license code via the eLicenser.
Could it be a fawlty usb-dongle? Never seen this problem before, alas…

Kind regards,