License Issues: Can't open Cubase!

So today my license/dongle is simply not working. I’ve had issues in the past where sometimes Cubase won’t see the dongle and I’ve had to reconnect it or restart my computer, but today absolutely nothing is working.

I’ve tried performing maintenance within the eLicenser Control Center, but during step 4 I get the following error:

Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error:

Control block rejected:

I then attempted the “Clean up eLicenser Memory” under the Support tab, only for that to also fail and now it doesn’t even display my Cubase license on the main GUI. Is there something I’m missing here or is my dongle just garbage? I only use one PC and asides from the occasional reconnection to fix the issues mentioned earlier, it doesn’t go anywhere. I’m emailing support about this but I have a bunch of deadlines coming up and I’m not sure how quick Steinberg is with support so I wanted to post here incase someone has had a similar experience and knows of a fix.

Cubase and eLicenser are both on the latest version.

Try running the eLicenser utility as Administrator

I tried this and didn’t seem to make a difference. Also worth noting that after performing the “Clean up eLicenser Memory” function, there’s small print under dongle ID that says “broken USB-eLicenser”. However I’m not sure if it’s genuinely broken as it hadn’t been moved and was working fine yesterday.

It does seem like a hardware issue with that kind of error.

Do you have another computer you can install the ELC on to test the dongle there? To verify or negate if it actually is broken?

Yes I just tested it on my Macbook and I got the same error. Guess it really is broken. I ordered one but won’t have it till Thursday. RIP my deadlines.

Going forward, I think I’m suppose to activate this zero downtime process in order to receive a replacement license for my new dongle correct? If I’m understanding this correctly I instantly receive a temporary license (which I can’t use without a dongle anyways?) and then have to wait for Steinberg to email to receive the actual replacement license? This sure makes me look forward to Cubase 12…

Yes, you understand the process. Don’t know if it’s of any use to you, but if you have work you can do with that scaled back version, you can request a Cubase Elements trial which uses the soft license.

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Oh that’s actually a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion as well as for the help with this issue.