License issues with Pro 12.. please help!

uploaded Pro 12 in December 2023, everything worked great…
I settled with not having certain products as they weren’t supported under the new soft license approach, thinking that at some point in the future, Steinberg will integrate all licenses under the dongle-free system.
Suddenly other weird things have stopped working… vari-audio and and certain editors!.. I have put the dongle back in, so I can use the various VSTIs and content… now Pro 12 will not open, stating “no valid license”…
Am I missing something? going to try a reboot etc first, but any advance help would be great.

The first troubleshooting step for Cubase is t restart the machine.

Number 2 is to Start Cubase in Safe Mode

Come back and tell us how things work.

Thanks Steve.
I rebooted … just the same, then started to re-install everything from the download assistant… that went “odd”, almost as if everything was being denied… error found etc
Then full re-boot again, and everything seems ok now (!)…
tried as much content, packs and vsti as randomly possible and everything appears to be back to A1… BIG worry as I have a load of narration to do and some music creation lined up. I won’t be taking the dongle out just yet until I have a clear period lol
Thanks for your quick response and advice :slight_smile:

Possibly caused by time travel, which will is was not supported by Steinberg products.