License manager is not working

Trying to install the trial, the license number they gave me is like 7 characters too short and when I enter it I get the message:

the currently installed version of the elicenser Control (elc) software is too old. Please try again after downloading and installing the latest version of the eLicenser. . .

Went to the website, updated and installed latest version - still get the same message. Does portend well for a companies software if they can’t get simple licensing to function. . . however Avid is just as bad. Adobe has their stuff together but doesn’t have good support for ambisonics.

If the serial is a Download Access Code, you need to enter it in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

As @ggmanestraki said, a code 7 characters too short to be an activation code is not that kind of code. The problem is not with the licensing specifically, but the confusion generated by having two codes, the Download and the Activation, and (mainly) displaying an inaccurate error message.

I had to go to my profile, enter it in somewhere there, got a whole different set of numbers, then enter in to the elicenser - after doing it’s thing and saying ready to continue, now it says I can not run the program without a USB e-licenser. Not going to get a usb lock for a demo. I’m done. Not worth it messing with that garbage when other companies have licensing that actually functions.

To be fair, the trial web page does say you need a USB key to use Cubase.

This is ending with Cubase 12.

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