License mess after upgrade AI 8 -> Pro 8.5

Hi all,
yesterday I have upgraded my Cubase AI 8 to Pro 8.5. Soon after launching the app, I was told my license could not be activated because there was no valid USB license in my laptop. Of course there wasn’t: I never had one. I got AI 8 with UR22 MkII soundcard, installed it and registered online with the included code. Why would I do anything different with Cubase Pro 8.5?

So now I have a semi-broken AI 8 that refuses to load some modules (others have been fixed by the eLicenser maintenance) and a Cubase Pro 8.5 that whines about a USB license, refusing to run.

What can I do? Did I do something wrong? Is it normal that my AI 8 license cannot just be upgraded online with the new 8.5 Pro code? And anyway, where is this USB key? I can’t find it on Steinberg site…

You can buy one here:

Ok, thanks, how did you reach that page? There is no link in the navigation bar of the site…
BTW, is this USB dongle mandatory? Can’t I just register Cubase Pro 8.5 online like I did with AI 8? I have only 2 USB ports on my laptop, and wasting one just because Cubase wants its Linus’ blanket is very annoying.

Highlight Shop then Accessories.

Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist require an USB-eLicenser. It says so in every page related to them.

Allright. I thought it was for first time licencers who had no licensed Cubase product already. Thanks