License not Found when downloading Cubase LE 12

I recently acquire an Audient id44 interface and it came with eLicensing for Cubase LE 12 and Retrologue 2, but I am not able to open Cubase LE 12 even if I have the license and everything active in my computer, I tried:

  1. Restart Computer
  2. Log out and Log in Steingberg Activation Manager

but nothing works, and I am not able to use Cubase LE 12

I tried donwloading Cubase LE 11 and it opens but shows a modal which contains my eLicense listing CubaseLE, If I cancel the modal Cubase LE 11 still loads and I can create a new project, not sure why Cubase LE 12 does not recognize my eLicense, btw I am using Windows 11 Pro

When trying to open the Cubase app I see the message: License not Found

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Steinberg Activation Manager, 1.4.11.

After entering the Download Access Code into the Steinberg Download Assistant, your Cubase LE license should appear in the Steinberg Activation Manager window.

Currently I have the version :frowning: