License not found

I have my software registered on my account but somehow it shows no licence found on my Steinberg Activation Manager, I tried to enter my download access code again but it said it was consumed by another user. It should be me that used the code. How come I can’t access it again.

What version of Cubase are you using? Only Cubase 12 and later use the Steinberg Activation Manager and the new licensing system.

Cubase 11 and earlier versions use the eLicenser Control Center for license management.

I purchased the UR22C and redeemed the code for the Cubase AI last year, it shows I have access in the eLicencer. Do I not have access to the Cubase 12?

Please check out this article:

What do you mean? Does your license in the eLicenser Control Center say that it has been updated to Cubase AI 12/Steinberg Licensing?