License Not Found

I copy all files from an old pc to a new one and now my WaveLAb cast is showing no License Found, what can I do?

What version of Wavelab, what Operating System and what exactly did you do?

Did you really copy the program files simply oer to a new machine? In that case, this is not working at all. You need to do a fresh installation via the Download Assistant.

If you upgraded to WaveLab 11.2 from an earlier version, you now need to use the Steinberg Activation Manager app and the e-Licenser is no longer supported.

I just did that and still not working. Remove it all, download and install all but to no avail

I am using and the message No Licenses Found still showing

What do you see when you login to your mySteinberg Account and open your profile?

Do you see Wavelab as a licensed product?

My one shows here

So again my question from the first answer, what version of Wavelab do you run?

The eLicenser is not used for the latest release anymore. What you have must be something before 11.2 and in that case look here, because you need to reactivate the Soft eLicenser.

That is the Activation Manager and that is not working for your release. Read my previous answer about reactivation

I am trying to Reactivate but the system won’t generate a new one

“A new windows opens. Enter the number of the new (!) Soft-eLicenser which has been created on your new system…”

You need to enter the serial number from the eLicenser Control Center. You have it on your new machine and it should contain a new empty Soft-eLicenser. That number is needed here, if it doesn’t exist look here

The other day, another WaveLab user reported solving a licensing issue in about 5 minutes using Steinberg live chat support, which I didn’t know existed.

Maybe it’s worth checking into.

Thank you. I will look into it

Only if you live in USA that allows a live chat

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@Mobiller probably has the same issue - in the WaveLab Cast variant.

I think the fix in this case is to reactivate the eLicenser WaveLab Cast licence, register the eLicenser, and run Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center. These steps should cause (after perhaps a few hours’ delay) a voucher to upgrade to a Steinberg Licensing WaveLab Cast licence to appear on My Steinberg.