License problems afterN11 trial activation

My N8 and N10.3 no longer launch after N11 trial activation.
Error says: “Application ‘Nuendo’ has caused the following error: Process with the ID NOT found.”

Reinstalled elicenser control center. Still happening.

Nobody else had this happen?

i have been dealing with this issue for the last month everytime i open spectral layers or izotope rx i would loose all my licences on my elicence control . and would get this error . i finally downloaded the old elicence control and now im able to use all my programs haven had this issue for 2 day so i hope that took care of it try this ! i believe its their new elicence control download that is corrupted i eve tryed running the repair down load and got the same issues .hope that helps.

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Yikes, not so far. 10.3 still launches OK.