License question: can I run (non concurrently) Elements 9 on a mac and Pro 10.5 on win?

Finally getting my pro license; and had to suck it regarding Steinberg fetish for dongles (got enough plugins and other software that cost me more than 12K, all without a dongle so the fact that only Cubase force me to have a physical one is really puzzling), but the good thing is that I can finally compare with my other DAWs now, with the full featured version of Cubase.

Now the problem is: with my other software I can install it on as many computer I own (3), as long as I don’t run the software at the same time (with other non-DAW I can even run it concurrently on up to 3 computers, but that’s another story). This is great, but from what I can tell, Cubase is not taking this lightly, and ask you to remove the license from the previous computer, before you can run it on your other computer. I guess dealing with users running the app, then disconnect from internet and try to run it on another computer is too hard to do and too much of a technical challenge that other companies solved brilliantly.

So I am looking at alternatives and thought that maybe I can run different versions on my computers (since I got 9 for free, upgraded to 9 elements and then upgraded to 10 elements and finally to 10 pro). Of course I won’t run them concurrently, since I have 2 hands and a pair of eyes, and I am not that gifted to use 2 computers at the same time while playing music, so I was wondering if that would work; or if I have to switch licenses by removing it from one place and enable it on the other computer, even if I use different versions.

The objective here is to have my mac laptop use Cubase, for work required on the road, while I have my main desktop win machine set up as main, for when I am at my desk. I heard people buying an extra license, which to me seems excessive, since I am not using the app concurrently; so the 1 license per seat does not apply to my case. Thanks

If you have the eLicenser you can run the two versions on the two computers. All you have to do is move the dongle from one machine to the other. You could also install Cubase 10 Pro on both machines. With the eLicenser the license is on the dongle. You remove it from one machine by moving the dongle.

Yes, I am aware of the license transfer method; which is why I was asking if I can use the older version as Elements, and the Pro version.

The Pro version require the dongle, the Elements require just the e-licenser, so I don’t need to move the dongle back and forth; also because on my laptop I do not need the Pro features; I just need to be able to move projects between the laptop setup and the studio setup.

I’m not certain that will work in your case, since you updated your license from Elements to Pro. You only have the one license, which, because you have Pro, has to be on a physical eLicenser. That license entitles any earlier or lesser version of Cubase, but it resides on the dongle, so you can only use the software on different machines by moving the dongle. To use the two versions on different computers without moving the dongle, you would need to purchase a separate license for Elements.

I see; so it is not possible to do what I have in mind. I will have to get a free license somewhere then, because I am not planning to buy another license for the same software I already own, just to use it on another machine without have to move the dongle or disable and re-enable the license on the other machine, every time I swap.

Yet again another limitation of Steinberg uncompromising effort to add protections on their software, while other software maker are just fine with much more lax solutions.

As I say, I’m not sure that what you want to do will work. Try it and see. What is it in your situation that makes moving the dongle so problematic?

To try it out I need the dongle first; ordered one few days ago, after realizing that cubase pro does not even run with the software e-licenser.

The problem of moving the dongle is the fact that I have to get behind my tower computer, sitting in my studio, behind a ton of equipment, and plug it in my laptop, with the risk of damage or lose the dongle or the connector on my computer (or both), when I travel around with my laptop.
It may look like a non-issue for most people, but for me it is a problem, even more because I do not have to deal with dongles for any of my expensive software… Only Cubase.

It’s easy enough to overcome the issue with having to go behind the computer to access the dongle; get a suitable length USB extension cable and plug your dongle into that, so that you can access it from the front of the computer. I do this myself. This doesn’t overcome your concerns about travelling with the dongle though. Unfortunately you have only purchased one license, so you are stuck with this problem. Most users are in the same position, I would guess. I know that I am, but I don’t often need to travel with the dongle. It’s obviously more of a problem for you.