License question

I have two computers, each equipped with a HDSP Digiface.
I own Cubase 6, but it’s running on one computer only.

If I buy a second USB licenser and install cubase 6 on the second computer using system link, is this ok, or do I have to buy a second cubase 6 license?

one licence one Cubase, can be installed on any number of computers but you can only have it running on one at a time.

If you want two instances of Cubase to run concurrently you need two licenses, thus buying another copy.

Maybe Artist would suffice?

Hello TabSel,

Split is right, you can not copy one license from one copy protection device (USB-eLicenser) to another. If you want another license you have to buy the software again.

Thanks for clarifying.

Will continue networking with Sonar X1/Reaper then.

Is there a discount for a second copy licensed to the same name.
If not, why not?