License Registration for Cubase LE 5 OEM failed

Bought a ZOOM Recorder bundle with OEM Cubase LE 5 several years ago.
Recorder was good enough so far. Now have tried to use LINKS from CD soft docu for registration CLE5 but failed.
ERROR: No landing page found for neither:
Any chance to get this elderly version on a windows 10 pc run? Thx

The following link would be the place to go for a Zoom device if recently purchased:
… but for that, you need a “download access code” which comes on a card with the device.

I have several Zoom recorders and as far as I know, the Cubase LE 5 download is available somewhere, but you may have to request it (e.g. from @Martin.Jirsak who is always here and incredibly helpful).

The next question is whether you can actually install it on Windows 10, as the installation process is necessary in order to get a license onto the Soft eLicenser. However, the good news is that Steinberg appear to have been emailing registered users of Cubase LE recently with download access codes for the latest version (currently Cubase LE 11), which will work flawlessly on Windows 10.

Hi MrSoundman, thanks for reply. I’ve bought the H4N in 2012 (what is pretty long time ago I know)
and double checked the original purchase box again. Apart from manuals
there was this OEM CD for CUBASE LE 5 by Steinberg but no access code card e.g.
On the Cubase CD I found LINK “
to register the software but apparently the website, landing page or reg.process has been changed in the meantime
so the page for registration could not be found by the system anymore.
@Martin.Jirsak: Is there any chance to register for this Cubase LE 5 version now as I have the time to dive in? Thx a lot.

See this knowledge base article:
Legacy versions of Cubase LE, Cubase AI and WaveLab LE
During the installation of one of these legacy products, a demo license limited in time will be created: Cubase LE 4, 5 and 6, Cubase AI 4, 5 and 6, WaveLab LE 6
An Activation Code for a permanent license can be obtained by registering the software online in your MySteinberg account.