License Server/Concurrent-Users

Hi Dorico Team,

will there be a license server for schools ?

thanx for watching

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Zurich University of the Arts

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Informationstechnologie-Zentrum ITZ

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No, I’m afraid there will not be a license server in the short- to medium-term. Like Cubase, Dorico will be licensed for use on individual machines, and will need to be activated on each machine. There will be preferential volume license pricing for educational institutions, however: you should contact your local reseller when Dorico is available for more details.

Thankyou for the Information Daniel,

we are a school with 1500 Computers and about 200 Notation/Score Users. It will be difficult to implement your License Model. Very sad.


I hope that in the future we will have a good solution to allow you to use Dorico in your school. This is an issue not only for Dorico but for all of our products, and we would like to have a solution that works for institutions as well as it does for individuals.

This is something you might want to run up the business chain, Daniel – as you probably well know, the educational market is huge and has an important spin-off effect in that students, when they get used to a product while they are in college / school, they are likely to continue using those products after graduation, and may become customers for life.

This is why Avid offers significantly discounted licenses for educational use as well as multi user licenses for Sibelius. It’s an effective to cut in a market which might work not just for Dorico but also for Cubase / Nuendo etc.

Cubase is already very widely used in education, despite its reliance on the USB-eLicenser. We are well aware of the value of the educational market, and have always offered generous educational discounts for our products.

I know you have a long implementation list, but please consider this one more argument in favor of a license server. The district I teach in is moving to Chromebooks, and is phasing out support for PCs except in specialized labs. Although our music labs are currently safe, we will have a much easier time getting new software approved that requires less resources for deployment. IT does all the software installs, and is going to look much more favorably on applications that don’t require individual installations (or, even more so, re-installations, every time a hard drive goes bad).
Btw, thanks for keeping us updated over the years of development! I’ve been following your blog posts from the beginning, and am really excited about using Dorico.