License stuck in dead computer

Got 3 machines! Instaled C12 in one that died 3 days later, unfortunatly, and got a new laptop that same day! Got it installed.
Today i tried to install in the third. Got a message, sayng that “i had no licenses available”!
~Question 1. How can i retrive the license thats stuck with my deceased laptop.
-Question 2. I though we had the possibility of 3 installations. (did i get it wrong?)

Thanks in advance! Miguel

By contacting tech support.

STill its not clear! I have the impression tha we can use up to 3 machines, although i only used 2: * A license for software using Steinberg Licensing can be activated via Steinberg Activation Manager on up to three computers.

  • To use your license on further systems, already activated licenses need to be released via the Steinberg Activation Manager first.

@MiguelRijoPTLUX You activated Cubase 3 times. When one of those computers died, your 3rd activation died along with it. Your only option to get that activation back is to submit a support request to Steinberg and hope they grant you another one. (Please report back here, if you don’t mind? A number of us are worried about having the same thing happen to us!)

Thanks for your reply.
Actually i only activated 2! Today i tried the 3rd!
:confused: Weird!

@MiguelRijoPTLUX ah, sorry I misunderstood. So you currently only have it installed on one working machine, yes? What does the Steinberg Activation Manager show when you launch it on the 3rd computer? When I first installed Cubase Pro 12, it said I didn’t have a license, but when I launched the Activation Manager, I found that I had a license available, but I had to click the “Activate” button. After doing that I was able to launch Cubase. On a different computer, the license activated automatically.

Just to let anyone interested know: STILL NO WORD from Steinberg! None whatsoever.
For someone that uses Cubase to make a living its just… not good!

That’s awful, this new licensing is suppose to be an improvement. It’s been hacked wide open anyway, so they may as well let customers reset/remove activations until they can sort out efficiently themselves.

What concerns me is where people have had extra activations taken up without their knowledge for whatever reason and stuck like yourself. I’m one machine failure from being locked out of using Cubase, and by your post if it happened now I’d have a 3 week wait to have it rectified.

It’s really unprofessional that no official procedure exists that has priority associated to it. Going through the tech support channels is not the answer, queries get lost, takes weeks to get answered. Coming on to a forum pleading for help as a secondary solution is most definitely not the answer either.

It’s incredibly poor management to leave customers in such a precarious position. I’m really sorry to hear you’re being left in the dark like this.

I am so disapointed… Maybe its time to think of alternatives… 15y with Cubase, and now this…

Hey, I just saw this thread. @MiguelRijoPTLUX I have reset your activations.

All the best,

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Thank You!

Please continue here: Cubase 12 activations limit and releasing, Steinberg Team