license transfer back&forth


i would like to know, if I can freely move a license between my desktop macpro and Mbp laptop back & and forth easily, and as often as i want, just the way i do with ilok licenses. I believe, I once read an artikel stating that an e-license can only be moved once eigther from/to a softlicense or dongle and that would be it? Of course I’d prefer to always put the maschine license back on my laptop without having to care about that dongle for obvious reasons. is that possible now?

Thanks, Kay

As far as I know you can transfer a soft license to an usb eLicenser, but not the opposite.

yes - it’s a one way transfer

…so sad. Since SL is the perfect tool for pre-production, I mainly use it somewhere on laptop and in my studio I would share CPUs. Its the same story with some of my pretty cool old plugins wich only sit on this dongle and therefore never leave that desktop. An additional license would be pretty nice or at least an option for another cheaper one. But it unfortunately seems to be uncommon among most e-license issuers :frowning:

hardhook - I sent you a private message