License transfer (dongle) if the old computer is disassembled?

Do I need to re-assemble my old desktop computer to officially deactivate the license?
or do I just put the dongle in the new desktop computer and it activates cubase without needing to do the above steps?

My old computer is all in parts, and would take a while to reassemble.
I am hoping I can just install cubase 10 to the new computer and insert the e-licencer which I was using on the old computer.

Am I correct or mistaken?
The version of Cubase is the same version from my previous computer. (version 10).

Connect your USB-eLicenser dongle to your computer and download your version of Cubase 10 using the Steinberg Download Assistant, which will also install all required software automatically. Cubase 10 should just work.

So, you’re saying that i DON’T have to deactivate cubase from my previous computer?

  • Also, I read online somewhere that people recommend to NOT insert the dongle until the new installation asks you to insert it, otherwise it wont install correctly.

Deactivation is only required by the new “Steinberg Licensing” system introduced with Cubase 12, which allows you to activate Cubase on up to 3 computers simultaneously. But even if you forgot to deactivate, you could just contact Steinberg Support to reset your activations.

This doesn’t apply to Cubase Artist/Pro 10. You only have one activation that’s entirely tied to your USB-eLicenser dongle, nothing else.

You can wait until you run the Steinberg Download Assistant for the first time (which installs the eLicenser Control Center automatically) if you want, but it shouldn’t make a difference on modern systems.

Thanks for your answers :wink:

“You only have one activation that’s entirely tied to your USB-eLicenser dongle”.

Does this mean that if I have 3 or 4 computers, or if I go to a friends home, I could potentially insert the dongle into any computer and run Cubsae 10 ?
* Obviously not all at the same time.

Yes that is what it means :+1:

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Great, Thank you :wink: