License transfer from USB to soft elicenser?

Hello folks

I have Cubase 8 and my license is on the eLicense USB dongle.
I notice in the eLicenser Control Center that there is also a Soft-eLicenser.
Is there any way I can transfer my license from the USB elicenser to the soft elicenser?
I only ever use this one machine so I don’t need the portability that a dongle license provides.

(The reason I’m trying this is because I’m having problems the my Steinberg UR22 interface and want to have a minimal number of USB devices connected.)

Elements can use the soft elicenser but 8Pro must have a dongle.


No, this is not possible. You can transfer Soft-eLicensers to the USB-eLicensers (to the USB dongle), but not vice versa.

Thanks folks!