License transfer requested by license owner, but no response after 7 days

Hey guys,

Just bought Cubase 12 Pro recently and have been already waiting for license transfer for 7 days. I thought Avid support is very sluggish, but it seems Steinberg is quite competitive in this regard as well. Is it normal here or it’s something unprecedent?


heh, nice dig.

Did you have a look in your Steinberg website account?

Have you opened your Elicenser and run Maintenance?

Did you have a look in your Steinberg website account?

Just checked - nothing new in my account.

Have you opened your Elicenser and run Maintenance?

Tried to do the maintenance in the eLicenser Control Center and it constantly crashes on the step 1.

Well that’s a different problem, that might be at the root of your problem, since the update should be as downloading the Steinberg Download Assistant which should install Cubase, the Activation Manager, and the latest version of the Elicenser program.

Any more details would require more specifics from you, like OS, etc. if you reply with that info, someone may be able to assist.

Maybe I wasn’t clear, it’s not an update that I bought for my current Cubase license (I have Cubase Elements 11). I bought it separately on Knobcloud, the seller created a ticket to transfer the license to me and we both don’t see any updates for 7 days.

As to the eLicenser I’ve manually downloaded and installed the latest version and it was able to finish the maintenance this way. No new licenses have been found.

Oh, I see. Sorry. I don’t know about that process. But since the seller initiated it, it would be they who should follow up.

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The support doesn’t respond to the seller. He is going to register his account to another email and send the credentials to me. Thank you, Steinberg, you are awesome guys!