License Transfer

I’m wondering, I read once a license is on a dongle, it cannot be transferred from that dongle. Couldn’t Steinberg just cancel your license and issue you a new one so you can reactivate on another dongle or soft-E license?

Once a licence is on a USB eLicenser then it can be moved to another USB eLicenser: connect both eLicensers, then drag and drop the licence in eLicenser Control Center. You cannot move a licence from a USB eLicenser to a soft eLicenser, which is a nuisance. You can upgrade a licence to another licence (such as upgrading to a later version of Cubase or crossgrading from Cubase to Nuendo) using the appropriate activation code.

There must be something about the eLicenser technology or implementation that does not permit secure and verifiable recall of a licence. Other dongle technologies do allow this.

I join those in hoping that Steinberg will eventually come up with an alternative to USB dongles for their higher value products, though would not want to see the dongles disappear entirely as they make sense for some users.

Yea, with this sale, going to elements is only 25.00, such a great deal for a great DAW. Love Cubase.