"Licenses are missing or time limited licences have expired" error

Hi Matthias, can you help me as well? whenever i try to open cubase elements 12, it says my licenses are missing or time limited licences have expired. can’t work on the software cuz of this one bug. thanks in advance.

I’ve split this into a separate topic. I don’t think this is related to Steinberg Licensing’s activation limit.

Please take a screenshot of the error you’re getting. It’s likely that you downloaded content that you don’t have a license for.

Please also run the Steinberg Activation Manager and make sure that Cubase 12 is activated and verified.


this is the error I am getting.

my Cubase is activated

what do I do?

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager and uninstall the “Flux” library.

Also make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of Halion Sonic SE from the Steinberg Download Assistant. It can be found by clicking “Cubase Elements 12”.


Make she HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE (sane as other plug-ins) are up to date, please.

edit: I could locate the flux and the bug is fixed :slight_smile: thank you everyone!

I can’t locate the flux library. Can you please help me with steps?

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I’m getting this error now since I’ve upgraded my Cubase Le to Cubase Pro.
I initially upgraded on my laptop and PC andboth Le and Pro work well on both.
I then installed the freebies from the Steinberg partners vouchers on the laptop and was frustrating, but it went well. Both programs work fine on the laptop and open with no warning notifications.
When doing the vouchers on the PC I ran into a few problems with authorizations/licenses.
I’ve reached the conclusion that you can only install and use Amped Electra and Melodyne on one device. (Please correct me if I’m wrong…)
When I use the PC and open Cubase Le I get the notification shown above for Amped Electra.
When I use the PC and open Cubase Pro I get a notification for both Amped Electra and Melodyne.
Would I also use the library to remedy this problem and if so which files do I remove?
Also, would this affect the library on the laptop or are they separate libraries for each device?
Thank you.


Is this using the new Steinberg licensing system (Steinberg Activation Manager) or the old eLCC?

This is not Steinberg product. It’s using own licensing system.

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Working on figuring out the licensing question…

I have the eLicense Control Center’s latest version ( and when I try authorizing the voucher code for Amped Electra I get an error notice saying “The current installed version of Elicense Control Center software is too old”.
Is the Melodyne license restricted to one device or do I need to contact them for support?
Thanks again.

When I try to use the Steinberg download manager for Amped Electra, it gives me a new activation code but then when I click activate it says “The activation Code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or update a license”.

Amped Elektra can only be activated on one computer at a time, until it makes the switch to the new Steinberg Licensing system.

If the license is stored in your USB-eLicenser dongle, then you need to connect your dongle to your computer to use it.

If the license is stored in a software eLicenser, please follow these instructions to move it to your computer:

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Thank you for the reply.
This brings me back to the original question.
Since I have Amped Electra on the laptop working fine and my preferred option if I can only use it on one device, how do I get rid of the error messages when I boot up Cubase on the PC?
If I remove it from the Library on the PC, will that affect only the PC or will it affect the library on the laptop also? Are they separate libraries for each device?
Thanks again, especially for your patience with my problem.

You have to uninstall the library from your PC in this case.

The library is installed locally. Uninstalling it from your PC wont affect your laptop unless you’re storing it in a storage device that’s shared between the two computers.

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Thank you!

I just went to remove the Amped Electrica from the library and thought that I didn’t even know if it works on the PC version so I tried it in Halion SE3 and it works on both Cubase Le and Pro on both the laptop and PC.
I’ve decided to keep the software and work on just getting rid of the error messages (for both Amped Elektra and Melodyne) on the PC when booting up either the Le or Pro versions of Cubase.
Let me know if you can figure a course of action for me.
I’m a new user of Cubase and upgraded from Le to Pro and everything went well until I started the vouchers. It’s pretty frustrating and time consuming and I’m hoping it gets better. Thanks for the help.