Licenses for some instruments in HALion 7 are missing

No Valid Licenses Found for the following:
Hot Brass
Studio Strings
Everything else works [ At The Moment ! ]

The instruments are still installed
One day they worked - the next they didn’t.
Steinberg: It is YOU that have deactivated these purchased and paid for licenses on your database.
Can you re-activate these please?
Is your product broken?
Is your license activation not fit for purpose?
Are your employees not trained?

What is going on ?!!

I have been in touch with support for weeks now
There is no feedback - only an automated reply.
The problem is at your end.

The instruments work momentarily - then they do a license check and go silent.

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I don’t think you understand how it works.

If you are asking asking for help, post the info needed to troubleshoot. OS, software versions etc.

I also have this problem, on a Mac running OS Sonoma, and it is recurring every so often for no apparent reason. Fixed by reinstalling the HALion plug in and all 30GB of content each time…
PLEASE - will someone look at this?

HALion 7.0.20. Cubase

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Same for me on macOS. It is not only HALion, but also Retrologue and Padshop that stop working now and then because of a missing license. Reinstalling the plugin always fixes the problem … until the next time.

Yes. Me too, same with other Steinberg plug-ins. Padshop certainly does this, and I think I recall it also being a problem with Groove Agent and others…. Something to do with the new licensing system, moving away from the eLicencer…?

Yesterday I had such a problem for the first time with Halion 7 missing the license for “Auron”. Reinstalling Halion 7 didn’t help so I had to download and reinstall the whole library. I’m running Halion 7 (latest version) on a MacMini M1 with macOS Sonoma 14.4.1. I do not have an active Cubase license (using Logic and Studio One), but there are expired test licenses of Cubase 12 and 13 on my Mac.
After reinstalling the library everything is working so far, maybe this helps the Steinberg support narrow down the problem.

Hi all,
seems to be not solved - after upgrading to H7 (because of the end of elicenser) everything worked fine - till I wanted to use the first time after the update Raven/Eagle… “No License found…”-message, no way to reactivate. It seems you have to be online all the time because this permanent error occured with Raven/Eagle when my Workstation was offline. But after one time clicking it away and trying the next time online the reactivation nothing changes.
With the old elicenser Raven/Eagle work fine. Without, “License missing”.
Would be great to have a solutions for this (and install/deinstall/install… is not a solution for a production system).

… and the same problem happens when I first tried to start Hot Brass, Skylab, Studio Strings.
And this time, my workstation was online - so it should be possible to find the H7 license (which includes all these instruments).
I also deactivated one time H7 and reactivated it. But no change in this strange problem.
It seems really a problem with the steinberg licensing server and these 5 instruments.
(All happend on actual N13 and H7.1 on Win10).
Hopefully Steinberg will solve this problem soon.

Did you update the content libraries?

The older versions might not work with new licensing.

Hi misohoza,
yes, every library was updated with the update patches.

… no solution till now - the support from Steinberg reacted fast (thanks), but the reset of some media-bay folders did not work.
Just tried again in the hope it is some change on the licensing server but no, the problem is not solved - eagle, raven, hot brass, studio strings, skylab don’t work with the new licencing system…
Only after connecting the old usb elicenser I could use these instruments (or combi-patches which they are included). And after connecting the eLicenser also the dialog from the activation center “License missing” dissapears - so there is a connection between the two systems, but no memory… After restarting and using without eLicenser the five instruments do not work…

It is a little bit weird that I need both licensing systems only to get access to all my included h7 instruments. I would understand it, if there are single licenses for these instruments but no: it is all in the h7 license included…

Hopefully Steinberg finds a real solution for this problem soon.

Maby that is bacause you need another license key in this case for those 30GB content.
Hot Brass, Skylab, Studio String etc, are not include by the basic key for HALion 7.

When i buy that pack it was another product key with those intruments.
So i need 2 productkeys now.
For Cubase and Halion, and the standard instruments, and that second productkey for that pack with Hot Brass, Skylab, etc…

I do not know how many productkeys you now have.
But i need 2 now.

Hi Erik8,
these instruments are included in the full Halion version (i had it already since my full version H6 and now also with the full version H7).
Just look here on the Steinberg product site:

So normally a owner of the full Halion has only the Halion license.
With the H6 on eLicenser it was no problem, the problem occurs since the new Licensing system - as the others in this thread also mentioned. And as I described, it is weird as it only affects some of the H7 included instruments and the others work fine on the new licensing system.
So hoping to get a solution from Steinberg.

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Ah oké, i use this since april, so that is why i have not this problems with older versions.
This e license still should work because that is ending next year.
I give you this info, how that is here, if Steinberg change something with license, that should work, then you can send an e-mail to them.

Offcourse that is weird because this license have not end date for your product.
That e license that stop next year can be the isue when you want to re-instal your program later and activate again.
Good luck.