Licenses for some instruments in HALion 7 are missing

No Valid Licenses Found for the following:
Hot Brass
Studio Strings
Everything else works [ At The Moment ! ]

The instruments are still installed
One day they worked - the next they didn’t.
Steinberg: It is YOU that have deactivated these purchased and paid for licenses on your database.
Can you re-activate these please?
Is your product broken?
Is your license activation not fit for purpose?
Are your employees not trained?

What is going on ?!!

I have been in touch with support for weeks now
There is no feedback - only an automated reply.
The problem is at your end.

The instruments work momentarily - then they do a license check and go silent.

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I don’t think you understand how it works.

If you are asking asking for help, post the info needed to troubleshoot. OS, software versions etc.

I also have this problem, on a Mac running OS Sonoma, and it is recurring every so often for no apparent reason. Fixed by reinstalling the HALion plug in and all 30GB of content each time…
PLEASE - will someone look at this?

HALion 7.0.20. Cubase

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Same for me on macOS. It is not only HALion, but also Retrologue and Padshop that stop working now and then because of a missing license. Reinstalling the plugin always fixes the problem … until the next time.

Yes. Me too, same with other Steinberg plug-ins. Padshop certainly does this, and I think I recall it also being a problem with Groove Agent and others…. Something to do with the new licensing system, moving away from the eLicencer…?