Licensing, dongles, and buying a 2nd copy

Hi. I mostly use Dorico in my office, and installed the program using the dongle. I don’t think carrying a key around is a big deal… but I would like the convenience of opening Dorico on a laptop for quick mobile edits or etc. I saw Daniel post once about a split option to use Dorico with both dongle and soft-license. Any update on this?

If not… Is it possible to purchase additional seats at a cheaper rate? (Guessing no) … but could it be considered? I would gladly pay another $99 for a second license that would run on my laptop. But… pay full retail? Never. :laughing:

I would like this to be possible, as well. My current solution is very complicated: set up a VPN and remote desktop from my laptop, and route the audio through a virtual ASIO device to get remote audio. Would love a simpler, dongle-less solution!

I’m afraid this is not something we will be introducing in the near future. Although I am loathe to recommend it, you could consider buying a copy of Dorico Elements for use on the road: a handful of Dorico Pro users have done this.

We are working on a long-term project to introduce new license management technology, and once this project starts to come to fruition there will be more flexible licensing possibilities, including (I very much hope) being able to use your own license for Dorico on more than one computer, provided it is for your own personal, non-simultaneous use.