Licensing for the professional enterprises

Greetings Steinberg Team,

We are writing to you concerning the new license protocol you are in the process of implementing. We have read your press release and understand your desire to accommodate musicians and hobbyists who are creating on laptops. However, there seems to be an oversight as it relates to the working professional. At our production company, we are using high end workstations which are in no short supply of USB ports. In conjunction to using products like Cubase, Nuendo and Wavelab, we are employing various plugins and instruments (I.e VSL, Arturia, Liquidsonics, Antelope Audio) which necessitate some sort of physical license that is seldom removed. Furthermore, our machines run on a custom network separate from the internet. To subscribe to this new model would be unnecessary, inconvenient and invasive to our workflow. Therefore, to provide the most flexibility for both the newcomer and the professional, we think it best that you include the option to run Steinberg products either by a physical or a machine-based license (a model similar to PACE iLok). Seeing that the USB dongles are both registered to the any given Steinberg account and still used by software developers, this would be the best way accommodate your goals without disrupting the workflow and proprietary setups of various enterprises like ours. We have enjoyed using your products in our day-to-day productions and broadcasts. We appreciate your customer service and your eye for innovation. That is why we are hopeful that you will consider a truly flexible model that will enable us to continue using your products as we have done so for years.

All The Best,

David S. Reid
Reid-Me Productions

I don’t work for Steinberg, but I have been following the new licensing method closely.

It doesn’t appear you are familiar with some of the info in both
and the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

What they have said is that they are still developing the system for your type of situation.

Also they will provide a license that resides on the computer and requires verification only once a year, and in addition to that, an offline method so a given computer will not need to be on the Internet at all.

Note also that the developers are not going to continue to use the USB key – it sounds from what you were saying that you thought they were going to continue somehow.

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