Licensing issue (solved)

Good evening:

Every time I start up Dorico, I get this error message. I asked on FB and John Barron responded, but I can’t find the FB post back. So let’s try again on the official forum. How do I fix this?

I’m on Windows 7 64 bit in case that makes any difference.



FYI, Dorico Pro 3.5 is a paid upgrade from Dorico Pro 3.0. The license you have on the eLicenser is for 3.0. If you are trying to start 3.5 instead and you haven’t bought the upgrade from 3.0, it could be using the trial for 3.5.


I’m pretty sure that I purchased for the upgrade, but having written this, I’m not sure. Where can I check what I purchased?

Typically, your eLicenser would show a license for “Dorico Pro 3.5” instead of “Dorico Pro 3”. Yours instead shows “Dorico Pro 3”, so if you did purchase the upgrade, you didn’t actually enter the activation key to upgrade your Dorico Pro eLicenser license from 3 to 3.5. You should check the email you received when you paid for the upgrade to 3.5 for the activation code.

Thanks so much … turns out I purchased the upgrade back in May but never activated it. :laughing:

I’m all good now.