Licensing issue with 'Modules'

After about 1 minute the ‘Modules’ Window shows ‘License not available’
I upgraded from Elements to Pro, License Manager shows also ‘Trial’ version expired. So I have 2 lines in Lics Mgr, one for expired pro rial and one for existing Pro license …

Hi @Christian_Cvrcek,

can you please start the “Steinberg Activation Manager”, create a screenshot and post it here? If you don’t like that, please send me a PM. Then I will check what’s going on.

Thank you,

Are you always online? Michael the bee. :slight_smile:
thanks for your help !!!
best regards Christian

Hi @Christian_Cvrcek,

is it better today? I guess not :frowning:
Okay, let’s see what the Activation Logs will tell us. Can you please locate the following folder …

Mac : /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager
Windows : C:\Users\MSpork\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Activation Manager

… then zip the folder and give it to me.

Meanwhile I try to contact some colleagues from of the license team. But it’s weekend …

See you,

… there is also a function in the “Steinberg Activation Manager” directly. Click to the menu (upper, left corner) and select “Create Diagnostic Report”.


Hi Michael,
again thanks for your responsivness.
No, it is the same issue recently, I checked with 2 different projects.
attached the file from activation mgr.
1 file before trying out, the other file after ‘testing’ with the 2 projects. not sure this makes a difference in logs … (508 KB) (536 KB)

… thank you, @Christian_Cvrcek. We’ll analyse the logs.

The Trial license has been removed. That must help. Re-Start the “Steinberg Activation Manager”, update the licences with that control …

Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 19.37.34

… start VST Live now. It is back working?


Hi Michael,
not really working. Program starts, but now the '‘license not available’ pop up immediately.when I try the Module dialogue.
Any file to remove - or Registry key?
But: TAKE YOUR WEEKEND !!! Next week is good enough.
You are that fast in your actions - really appreciated!!


best reagards Christian

… hold on? Are we talking about the "VST Viewer"Module? You can load it, but after 1 minute the message about “License not available” appears? Ah, I understand it now. You need a license for the “VST Viewer”.

Visit that page and click to the “GET VST VIEWER”. Now login with your MySteinberg Account. Afterwards you should have a license in your account.


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Hi Michael,
thanks for working on weekend - but take a rest sometimes. :slight_smile:
I had the Viewer software - or at least I think I have it.
(sorry - your system does not allow to send me another screenshot)
To me it looks like the licensce key for the update did not ‘release’ the VST Viewer.
I installed the most recent version of VST Live from Forum chats, I reinstalled the official 1.50., I reinstalled the viewer, I enterd the license key again …
nothing helps.
When I open the project the error message pops up now immedaitly (because it tries to open the pdf window).- see attachment.
I opened last week also a ticket, Ticket ID# 617447, but the way until you get it on the table officially takes time :-). But at least you have a reference to book your time.

best regards Christian
by the way: I can not find the page you sent me at top of this mail - neither german nor english Steinberg pages - can you send me the link please? (or is it a internal version?)
And: before I retired I was the guilty guy for software implementation in Europe of a 60.000 people pharmaceutical company. So I understand the djungle you walk through with my issues, and appreciate very much your responsivness.

best regards Christian


you need a “VST Viewer” license to work with it. Your “Steinberg Activation Manager” should contain that entry

To get this free license - you need to click here, then login in with you MySteinberg Account.

… you cannot drag a screenshot (png, bmp, …) here? Strange.

See you,

Sorry to bother you,
all time you read a message from me you need a coffee :_) or something else …but it says I can only drop one graphic per forum thread …your system pushes back
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I have copied the page from Steinberg Download Manager with the VST Viewer version installed (1.60) and the error message from VST Live.(1.50)
either give me another e-mail adress or you open another thread - then I can send it …sorry
best regards Christian