Licensing nightmare

Having used Nuendo since version 2 here at my studio, I find myself in trouble with the on-line licensing system. I have always had 3 different physical locations (installs) and the dongle allowed me to simply carry it to the room I needed to work in and go. Well, with the new license system, I installed my 3 licenses on the 3 machines I use (only one instance is ever used at one time). I am starting to use SSD solid state “drives” for booting/system install and one just failed. I can get the SSD replaced under warranty. To run a session I swapped components between PCs (hard drives and video cards) from the failed PC and the others to get a PC able to run the session.

Now, of the three computers, only one recognizes a Nuendo license (the one untouched). Is there a way to restore the other 2 licenses?

You can deactivate the licenses in the mySteinberg account (see below) and then reactivate them as soon as you are starting the Activation Manager on the repaired PC, using your mySteinberg account.