Licensing problems - 2 accounts

I’ve not long upgraded my copy of Wavelab Elements to Wavelab Pro, and now this has gone to Steinburg Online licence - so my problem is i have 2 Steinburg accounts and of course I used the wrong one when upgrading, so now I have Cubase on one account and Wavelab on another. I can not run these together anymore without logging out of one account and into the other. I also have a stack of other products sitting on the one account with Cubase, but they are on the e-licenser still.
I tried to fix this myself by de-registering and looks like Ive made matters worse because now Wavelab Pro is Stuck on ‘Verification Pending’ and the original licence (for Wavelab Elements) is no longer on my e-licenser, so I can’t use Wavelab at all !! (No Licence found) and can’t re-download as the online help suggests. Ive put two requests to support with ZERO response so far! What a mess.

Any suggestions anyone?

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait on Steinberg Support to fix this for you.

Sign-in to the MySteinberg which has the Wavelab Pro activation, then try registering your Wavelab Elements activation code. If you purchased Wavelab Elements from the Steinberg Shop, you might find your activation code here:

If you’re able to register it, please go through the reactivation process to receive a new Wavelab Elements activation. This should remove the “Verification Pending” flag from your Wavelab Pro 11.1 license.

Thanks for the replay, but this does not work - I found the purchased activation code (in this account) but I cannot apply it in this account because it says it already used by someone else. When I log into my other account, yes it allows me to re-apply because I must have somehow originally applied it there. But after I receive a new licence code, it attempts to upgrade a licence on my USB e-licenser, but there is no longer an upgradable licence there (its already been upgraded). I cannot re-activte the original Wavelab elements license because that function only seems to apply to Soft-e-licences.
Still stuck nowhere.
By the way, the original Wavelab Pro did work once - the very first time after I downloaded and installed it. But then Cubase wouldn’t work until I logged out and logged back into my other other account - now Cubase works okay again, but Wavelab doesn’t anymore, even if I swap the accounts back again.

Also, how do i get the attention of support people on this?. I have already submitted 3 support requests via Yamaha Australia, but nothing shows up in my list if support cases and no one has responded to me in any way!
Now I have an automated email saying please complete the verification or it will expire!

Such a slow process! Support have managed to move my licenses to one account but Wavelab Pro is STILL at verification pending, and it will expire soon!
I’m back to no answers from Support. Very frustrating

Hello Geoff, I have had a look at the case. The WaveLab Pro 11.1 license is still on verification pending because it should have been an upgrade from WaveLab Elements 10 or older. However, I cannot find such a license in your account and the activation code you received having redeemed the WaveLab Pro 11 Download Access Code is still unused. Do you have an older WaveLab Elements license you could use?

Thanks Ed, The Wavelab Elements was on my USB e-licenser:

I thought it was version 10 but i must of previously upgraded it to version 11.
I have also been talking to Yamaha australia who have had Steinberg move all my licenses to g***
Now in that account I have Wavelab Elements 11.1 showing:
![Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 7.11.00 pm|690x234]
I see how I’ve made more than one mistake here! Is this fixable?

And just for good measure, here the Pro upgrade purchase. Looks like I bought the wrong product.

I have removed the wrong license now and forwarded a refund request to our online shop partner.
Please make sure to use this URL to place the correct upgrade product into your cart.

BTW, I removed your email address from one post and removed the screenshot containing the address. It’s better to keep that out of a forum.

Many Thanks Ed - I appreciate the help with this.