Licensing quirks

This is also a sort of report and question in regards to the feature in question. I read from people at Steinberg that you can have multiple versions of Dorico installed side by side without conflicts. That’s all well and good. However, when you open the Activation Manager, you encounter this:

If I didn’t tell you I only have Dorico 5 SE installed, how would even be able to tell which is which? They have the same name and icon and I have no idea how the licenses list is ordered.
What if I need to de-activate the license for one specific version and vice-versa?

Dorico SE licenses work with any generation of the product, so the same license will work with Dorico SE 4 and Dorico SE 5 (and when we eventually have a Dorico SE 6, with that version too).

Why the Activation manager adds more than one license then?

It doesn’t – you have redeemed more than one Dorico SE Download Activation Code. I can remove one of them, if you would like me to?

If that’s possible, yes.