Liebestraum no. 3 performed by PD-music

Hey all,

This piece was written by Franz Liszt and is easily one of the prettiest pieces ever written. I recorded this using Halion Sonic’s Acoustic Grand Piano preset (and tweaking with some knobs). Some reverb and it was all set. Please Enjoy, leave any comments and thoughts. Of course any and all critiques are warmly welcome.

Much Love,


Hats off! I like that piece.
If you are really the one playing the piano then I don’t understand why you are not able to add more color to ‘In My Head’

Good observation. I have considered changing it multiple times. I am certainly able to spice that song up, but I wrote it for my girlfriend and she doesn’t want me to change it. So I haven’t.

Well played! Not a bad piano sound it is a bit muddy in the low end and mids could be the verb??? Great playing though :slight_smile:

Thanks! It was the second thing I recorded since purchasing Cubase so maybe I get a pass for the muddiness this time through?? =D

no passes when ur as good as you are lol. Love the work

touche kind sir… It was well worth the shot though. Perhaps you have now given me incentive to do prelude opus 23 no. 5…

Well, you are quite a player. Nice job. Piano sounds convincing to me, except maybe those really high notes in the middle (that’s a comment on the midi instrument, not your playing).