Life sign from support?

Just curious if anyone have heard from the Steinberg support at all in 2018? I have not even gotten a “We will look into this” after a month since I registered my request.

I have filed a request recently and have not received any update, I hope the support will get their act together soon

They are notoriously slow to respond.
I’ve got a ticket open about the 9.5 graphics issues from December, and have opened a couple of tickets before.
Normally takes 2-4 weeks to get an initial response, and then you’ll get updates every 1-2 weeks if you push.
I’m guessing they just get too many requests for the size of their helpdesk.

That’s really bad! I openend my ticket regarding no being able to use 9.5 at all 2nd of January. Not having a working system for this long is horrible and not getting a response makes me feel completely ignored. That’s not acceptable when you are on a full version and pay each year for upgrades for years and years.

Support eventually did reply to me, after 6 weeks. Unfortunately I had already gotten tired and bought a new computer so the support Request will never be solved. The new computer works just fine with 9.5.10.