Life sized cardboard bi-plane - filmclip

I recorded the song ‘It’s alright if you are’ in Cubase 7 with my band I decided to make a film-clip so I wrote a script…

The bi-plane is based on a British SE5 from WW1.
The story is how husbands and wifes shoot each other down - but life goes on.

The guitars reminded me of flying and I had a strong vision of a fighter pilot and his wife.

The wife is played by my lovely daughter Niamh.
I play bass guitar in the band and record the music in my home studio.


Very nice ,i like the song very much and nice mix, it`s easy on the ears. the video is great .enjoyed it .well done :smiley:

Nicely done my friend…lot of work went into that :sunglasses: …Kevin

Nice job! Sounds and looks good to me.


Nice track. Nice Video too.